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Dear Students and Supporters of the Ringling College Lifelong Learning Academy,

In 2015, our team of 5 processed 5,478 registrations for 2,413 individuals entering 277 distinct learning programs. With the help of volunteers, our goal of providing individualized service to our students and faculty has continued despite our growth. Sadly, we have left almost 200 individuals on waiting lists for services as demand exceeds capacity. Having this many students left on a wait-list was a strong indication that we needed to make changes. This past year the Board of Directors has explored numerous possible solutions to the lack of adequate space.

We are excited to announce that effective June 1, 2016 the Academy will be joining Ringling College of Art and Design as their academic partner. Our name will officially change to Ringling College of Art and Design Lifelong Learning Academy (RCLLA). In Ringling, we have found a partner that shares and supports our strategic vision for the Academy.

The goals of the merger are to have the Academy continue the quality services provided over the past 17 years, grow the course and program offerings, develop exciting new community partnerships and expand programming options to provide new services to pre-retirees, boomers and newcomers to our area.

As we embark in this new chapter of outstanding community service, the Academy needs your continued financial support. As with all Ringling College programs (nonprofit school), the Academy must meet its own operating expenses. Your support can help in a number of ways.

  • a single $75 donation pays for a course scholarship for someone in need
  • $25 per month ($300) can provide enough money to pay the telephone bill for two (2) months.
  • $50 per month ($600) can pay for enough copy paper for almost an entire semester’s worth of classroom handouts.

Additionally, if you prefer to set up a fund to support a course, lectures, Einstein Circles, staff positions, etc., for the future, we can explain the associated costs and also help you arrange such a gift.

Your gift to the Academy will go directly to support the Ringling College Lifelong Learning Academy (RCLLA).

We realize that you receive a number of gift solicitations this time of year; however, you also know the positive effect that our services have had on the quality of your life. Please remember, your gift allows us to continue to provide a community service at a reasonable cost and funds scholarships. Help usher the Academy into this new and exciting era with your gift now! To give, you may go online to or call 941-309-5111.

Janna Overstreet,
MA Executive Director

Sam Samelson,
Board Chairperson

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