Connections: The RCLLA Documentary Film Series



Tuesdays: 2:30-4:30 p.m.
3 Sessions: Jan. 9, Jan.30, Feb. 20
Moderator: Julie Cotton


The movie-watching experience has undergone a sea change over the last few years. Even though we can still watch movies in the comfort of our homes on television and have access to them on our electronic devices—most of us still flock to theaters to have a shared viewing experience. That shared viewing experience is where RCLLA comes in.

Our new film series titled CONNECTIONS is an opportunity for students to connect to many of today’s pressing global issues via the penetrating perspectives of contemporary documentary films. Students can also engage in thoughtful post-film discussions, and
 forge deeper learning and social connections with one another. As the series name implies, the themes for the films will showcase the CONNECTIONS humans have with one another, with our environment, and with other species that share our planet.

The film series is scheduled for the Winter and Spring terms. Each term we will feature all three themes in the films we’ll view together.

Fall series: $33 member; $36 non-member. NOTE: If seats are available, single tickets will be sold the day of screening.
Individual films: $11 member; $12 non-member. Attendance limited to 50.


Jan. 9: Mission Blue
Mission Blue is the “Silent Spring” for oceans — a wake-up call to the world to act before it’s too late. This Emmy-winning documentary traces pioneering oceanographer, and eco-activist, Sylvia Earle’s life of wonder and exploration, and her dedication to awakening the world to the need to give the ocean time and space to recover. The imperiled status of the world’s aquatic life is vividly captured by gorgeous underwater photography while simultaneously providing a biographical portrait of Earle.

Jan. 30: The True Cost
The True Cost covers the problems caused by America’s clothing gluttony. Visiting 13 countries, we get a small taste of some of the devastation caused by “Fast Fashion,” whether it’s the drenching of farmlands with pesticides or the horrors of Bangladesh factories. The film is about the clothes we wear, the people who make them, the impact the clothing industry is having on our world, and the economic policies behind how clothes are made.

Feb. 20: Earth From Space
This documentary explores how satellites and spacecraft have revolutionized how scientists look at the earth and its intricate systems. This film takes us on an epic quest to discover the invisible forces and processes that sustain life on our planet. These truly unique images explore the deepest mysteries of the earth’s existence, raising profound questions, and challenging old assumptions. Through striking images of the geology and climate of the planet, we gain a sense of the profound interconnections of the sea, land, and air of planet earth.

SPRING FILM SERIES DATES: March 6, March 27, and April 17

Julie Cotton, a member of the Advisory Council’s Strategic Program Committee, is the coordinator and host of this series. Julie has a doctorate in Human Development and is a former organizational development consultant, and executive coach. She is an aficionado of documentary films and a skilled facilitator of group conversations.


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